HOW and WHY you should become an Early RISER

Never let the Sun catch you sleeping
Never let the Sun catch you sleeping!


Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. – Benjamin Franklin.

I bet you heard this a hundred times.

Some smart guy Benjamin was.

But I won’t tell you that you need to go to bed early, and rise early, and that’s it –  You become an early riser.

That’s not gonna happen.

You know that. Everyone knows that.

I will tell you what you really need to consider first and exactly how to become an early riser and never let the Sun catch you sleeping.

I admit I love to sleep. A lot. I remember during the student days I was sleeping ’till noon and hitting snooze button telling myself: “Just one more minute, just one more minute. I will sleep only one more minute.”

I was fighting myself.

Just one more minute… And then when I would look back at clock it would be 2 PM.

My day would be totally wasted.

Every time I repeated – I wish I could get up a little bit earlier.

And how was I supposed to do that if I was partying all night, and be in bed around at 4 AM?

No way.

Look, the catch is really, and the most effective way to become an early riser is to have a reason and set a goal because of which you want to get up early.

If you don’t have a goal, you will just stay in bed.

While I was studying I didn’t care if I had a lecture that morning, or not. I could always avoid that lecture and sleep how much I want.

But, when you understand that there are no options, and you need to be on right time in right place every day, you must get up early.

There are no excuses.

You must have a decision to become an early riser.

There is no secret that every successful men is an early riser. I don’t know a successful person who is not an early riser. These people are not laying in bed until noon and let the others make their money. They are awake at 5 AM, even 4 AM, and when you wake up at 2 PM and realise what you should do, the early riser already finished everything he planned till 9 AM, and have all day long to do what he wants.

If you want to be more successful the first thing you must do is to get up early.

Remember, getting up early is a must.

Getting up early is a matter of discipline. Getting up early is a habit. Getting up early is a routine and you my friend, must follow.

I will share with you one simple trick and how, no matter what time I went to sleep I woke up at the same time every day without an alarm and hitting the snooze button.

This advice is only for summer time, so please don’t try this at winter.

Set up a tent in your backyard at the place where the sun rises. Your sleeping position and head should be placed toward the opening of the tent to the Sun rays’ reach. This may be uncomfortable but this trick does magic.

Try this for a couple of days and go back to your warm and comfortable bed and see what will happen.

Ok, Milan, but why should I become an early riser?

Simple, because this is crucial for men. Real men get up early.

Do you see your father sleep until noon?

Maybe If he is homeless or a drunk and hasn’t got a purpose in life.

But I bet you don’t.

But, Milan I’m a “Night Owl”, I function better at night.

Good luck with that. If you feel that you’re better at night or more productive, fine. Go on. But, you will never see the beauty that lies in the morning and how the world is waking up starting a new chapter of life.

Before you tell me “I’m a Night Owl.”, please try to be an “Early Bird”.

I will tell you what are also great benefits:

Productivity maximization

The world is a quiet place at 5 AM in the morning. Everything is still sleeping. You can plan your day, read some books, work on your business, go outside – get fresh air or even exercise.

Creativity maximization

I remember that I read somewhere that our mind is the clearest two hours after waking up. So, hold your pen and paper and wait for ideas to flow.

Connect with nature

As I said previously: It’s better to look through the window and see how the world is waking up and behold the beauty of it, rather than watching crowds and listening to city noise.

Now when you read and learned this, you can’t allow yourself for the Sun to catch you in bed, ever.

Until next time,


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